From Larisa to Leiden, the passion stays the same.

It all started a few years ago. Christianna and Akis, a couple from Greece, decided to spend the night at Leiden during a trip from the Hague to Amsterdam.

After a short walk they both came to realize the same thing: this place met all the requirements for the fresh start both of them craved for. Besides, the similarities between Leiden and their home town Larisa were striking. Both cities count a little more than a hundred thousand residents, have an active student community, and are built by the riverside. Even the first letter of their names is the same!

Under these circumstances, Deli Pies & Coffee Co. was born.

Located in a cozy and elegant space designed by Akis himself, Deli Pies & Coffee Co. offers a large variety of homemade Greek pies and bakery goodies ready to satisfy even the most demanding customer. Apart from this, the shop offers an excellent selection of beverages (tea, herbs), wines and natural delicatessen products (e.g. honey, feta cheese, yogurt, vinegar, olive oil, marmalades). From Crete to Santorini and from Meteora to The Peloponnese, a visit to Deli Pies & Coffee Co. will make you discover every corner of Greece… bite by bite.

And what about the coffee?

This is where the Dutch culture comes in!

Akis and Christianna have surely managed to adapt the infamous Greek coffee mania to the Western standards. The catalog includes almost a dozen of different flavors as well as a bunch of delicious accompaniments, many of which are suitable for vegans or diabetics.

Deli Pies & Coffee Co. is an ideal place for studying or working with colleagues or alone. It is very quiet and offers free Wi-Fi to its customers.

Last but not least, it provides wholesale distribution of its products upon contacting us. It is also available to rent for business meetings or birthday parties. Christianna will always be behind the counter, ready to show you a glimpse of Greek hospitality and make sure that you and your guests will have an unforgettable and mouth-watering experience.